San Francisco artist, Todd R Thompson, puts a new stroke on landscape paintings, steering them somewhere between traditional and contemporary. His soft palette brings a peaceful warmth, and his simplicity of composition leaves viewers wondering what's just over the next hill.....

     The majority of influence and reference in Todd's landscapes comes from spending many years hiking the mountains of Utah, walking the wooded trails of Wisconsin and currently, spending time enveloped in the rolling hills of Northern California.

     Todd began his appreciation for art at a young age spending his early years in different areas of Europe living and traveling with his family. In visiting new cities and countries, works of art were purchased from local artists; thereby amassing a collection of precious art and memories that would serve him, not only as visual inspiration, but also as stepping stones to his unique style of painting, which began in 1986 with the completion of his first work in oil.

     In search of an inspiring arts community, where he could continue to develop his style, Todd found himself in San Francisco and earned his Master of Fine Arts while attending the Academy of Art College. While experimenting in various mediums and styles, the majority of his current work consists of series of both landscape and abstract paintings .

     "Painting in different styles keeps imagery fresh, not only for me, but also for those who view my work, and enables my paintings to evolve along with me as an artist."

-- Todd R Thompson